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Modern Linux and other OS free software

Play Store alternative:

Android YouTube client with SponsorBlock (No Ads):

Web YouTube client + SponsorBlock:



Open Source Password manager with local storage:

Windows, Linux, OSX:


Open Source File sync software with your own server cloud hosting:

Windows, Linux, OSX:


Open Source github Analogue (your own github):

De-centralized P2P Social platform:

Open Source your own P2P network:

Another P2P network alternative supported by Microtik:

Open source Mesh-network messaging app:

Console utilities:

Console GIT GUI lazygit

Console MySQL GUI mitzasql

Console IP Monitor iptraf

ncdu - disk usage analyzer
htop - mem/cpu usage
iotop - read/write analyzer
lynis - security audit
mc - console file manager
elinks - console web browser with JavaScript support
rkhunter - root kit hunter
fail2ban - brute force protection
iwd - wifi manager (iwctl - control utility) replaces wpasupplicant
pnpm - node package manager (better npm)
ag - text file content search (better find | xargs)
exa - ls replacement
bat - cat replacement with syntax highlight
delta - better git diff
micro - console text editor
Opensource code editor VSCodium
Webtorrent - watch torrents
Mailspring - email client
Emptty - console display manager (gdm replacement)
Chrome tab suspender
Chrome new-tab
OpenSnitch - Linux application firewall
SponsorBlock - automatically skip YouTube advertisment

More alternatives and frontends to popular services